Guided tours include:



  • On arrival large groups with be broken up into smaller groups, each group will have a tour guide.

  • A tour will commence through the entire park, and the tour guide will explain habitat, origin, diet , conservation and interesting facts on the animals.

  • After the tour the pupils are given a break to have their morning snack/lunch. There is also a tuck shop available.

  • After the break, our guides will bring out contact animals where pupils get to touch and experience animals on a more personal level.

    • Please note, that contact animals are not always the same, as it depends on what cubs we have at the time. Also if our reptiles have been fed or are shedding they may not be handled.

  • A short talk will also be done on each animal. Should your class be doing a specific animal in their curriculum and you if you would like us to concentrate on a specific subject, please feel free to inform us when you make your booking, and we will gladly put more emphasis on your specification.